Monday, March 11, 2013

What We’ve Been Up To…

We have had lots of visitors for the first month of Avery’s life.  It was great to see family and have the extra help!  Casey and I have adjusted over the past month to being a family of four quite well and finally have a little routine down!  I call Avery my rebel, because he will fight going to sleep with ALL of his being!  We were spoiled with Taylor who LOVED to sleep, this one not so much. He is sleeping for a good 7 hours at night, we just can’t keep him awake past 8:30, so mornings are early!

Taylor has adjusted to being a big brother so well!  He loves to give Avery kisses and help mommy and daddy.  When we are doing anything in the kitchen, he must be right in the action! He runs and gets a dinning room chair to stand on, while screaming “Me help Mommy!” So sweet.  I may not have a girl, but this kid loves to cook!

2013-02-14 001 020

Here we were making Valentine’s day cookies for Daddy!

As for me, I have began to adjust to being a full time Mommy.  We go to the YMCA everyday, which is a lifesaver.  I don’t think I could handle this weather without the Y.  Taylor loves to go there now and Avery doesn’t seem to mind either.  Taylor screams “This way mommy!” as soon as he sees the water tower.  He also exclaims, “Me stopa cryin.’”  Let’s just say the first trip back to the Y after pregnancy wasn’t stellar.  The staff had to page me out of class since Taylor couldn’t calm down. Last week, he cried that he wasn’t GOING to Kid Stuff.  My how their minds soon forget. 

I must have had some crazy juice, because I have started training for a 10K at the end of April and a Sprint Triathlon in June.  So far, things are going well.  Swimming is a lot harder than I had anticipated, and I am a little nervous about the Open Water, but I figure that is why it is such an adrenaline rush!  If it isn’t hard, then it’s not a challenge!  I was inspired by a friend of a friend who informed me she had completed an Iron Man.  The next day, I created a running club for St. Michael, and signed up for the 10k.  I’m thinking at least a marathon will be in my future…the whole Ironman, probably not, I’ll just get through this Sprint one in June.

I’ll leave ya’ll with some random pictures and I hope this finds everyone well.  We will see some of you in April, when I will be traveling with 2 children on a 3 hour plane flight BY MYSELF.  Prayers are welcomed!

 2013-02-17 001 033    2013-02-17 001 0252013-02-17 001 043

2013-02-17 001 018    2013-02-17 001 0222013-02-17 001 006

2013-02-17 001 0292013-02-16 002 0722013-02-16 002 059

2013-02-16 002 014

Until Next Time…

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